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I was kinda surprised after I had a spring replaced ($149parts+$99labor) no “extra” work would/could be done. Tech was there for less then an hour. I asked if the tech could give the door a quick inspection(look at hinges and rollers. He looked at the hinges/roller and after about 35 seconds asked if I ever lubricated them. I said I had not. He gave me quick instructions (sounded really simple to do)and then asked in the same breath if I wanted him to do it for a cost of $65. $65?? Ummm no thank you. I am surprised after spending $250 he couldn’t spend 5 minutes of his time and a couple sprays of white lithium lubricant. Customer service is a huge part. The work that was done was fine and no complaints. Again. Customer service goes a long way.
Andy Petrie
Service Provided:
Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

My issue is with your answering service. I called at 10 PM on a Saturday and she said she didn't know anything about "We can fix it today-no extra charge for nights or weekends" program. She said if I wanted her to send someone out that night, it would be a $200 service charge.
Dan Nommay
Service Provided:
Garage Door Repair